About Digital Tradecraft℠

Digital Tradecraft LLC was founded in 2004 to provide information security consulting services and perform unique security research dedicated to the study of fundamental security weaknesses. Digital Tradecraft was a term used to define a class of techniques used to compromise and subvert digital systems by practitioners of the trade. It has further been used as a differentator when identifying our years of experience applying the art of computer security for our clients. 


Our team has years of experience focusing on information security and its affect on networks, software and information system solutions alike. They have worked across the spectrum for small and medium business, global 1000 companies and the federal government performing red teaming, penetration and software testing services using both proprietary and open source TTP (tactics, techniques and procedures) as well as custom and open source tools.

Our consultants include some of the brightest and dedicated information security professionals in the industry. Experience is the key ingredient found on our team but are industry professionals holding degrees, industry standard designations and certifications including: